Friday, September 26, 2008

gumby thoughts

This week has been busy. Except for yesterday. It was going to be my one day at home this week and I was going to accomplish so much. I had a horrible sinus headache all day and didn't get much of anything but some school stuff done. I kept thinking after taking ibuprofen it would get better and I could get busy, but it never happened. I finally took a bath and went to bed about 7:00. I watched TV for a while and went to sleep after 10:00. Today I am feeling much better.

Monday we did school and that afternoon Hannah and I cleaned our church. Eddie and Connie are on vacation having a great time, but we sure miss them. Tuesday was school and I worked Tuesday afternoon and got to Celebrate Recovery just minutes before it started. Wednesday morning was school and work again Wednesday afternoon. I got home in time to hurriedly make some instant rice and steam some broccoli to go with the meal in the crock pot. Then I ran out the door to pick up Shiela for church. So Thursday was supposed to be my "get it all done" day. Except that didn't happen. I didn't get all bent out of shape over it though. I didn't plan on having a headache; it just happened.

Today Daniel has to be at work at 1:30 and our car has to be picked up at the body shop and the rental car taken back before 5:00. So there goes part of my afternoon taking care of that. It seems sometimes it's hard to live life because of life!

I'm just grateful God has been teaching me about flexibility. This morning I was thinking about not getting things done yesterday and I thought about Gumby. He can be twisted and bent and still be pliable. Maybe I need to consider that and try to apply it to my own life.

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