Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I've been thinking about relationships. Why do we sometimes believe things that aren't so? I'm not totally naive and I'm not talking about believing people that we don't know well or those who have proven not to be reliable. I'm thinking about those relationships between people who have known each other for a long time. Maybe even been best of friends. Maybe not, but know the other person is a person of integrity and one they can trust.

Why is it that something can happen and all that trust is thrown by the wayside? Why do we believe others instead of believing what our friend has said? We are human; we say things and do things to hurt people sometimes. It grieves me, but I have done it. Sometimes because I'm upset and sometimes without meaning to. Some people forgive and the relationship is restored; some don't. I have lost relationships that have meant so much to me. I have examined my heart and tried to make amends, but to no avail. They have simply written me out of their lives. My heart hurt, but there was nothing else I could do. I still miss them.

Why can't believers work things out? Why do we not believe what the other person is saying when they are trustworthy? I know emotions get in the way and sometimes it takes a while to work through things. But why can't we work through it and go on? I have relationships like that and they are the ones that truly mean the most to me.

Why not be unoffendable? Or at least why not try working on it?

These are my thoughts for today. Right or wrong they belong to me. If they are wrong then God is able to show me and correct me.

Relationships........don't take them lightly.

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Anonymous said...

Oh Sarah, I agree with your post so much! I think God does too! It is sad when people choose to believe things that aren't true about each other. I have experienced it personally as well and agree with your thoughts. One of the many things about you that I appreciate is your willingness to believe the best about people. You are not one to shut people out of your life. Thank you for being a true friend to me. Love believes all things!
I love you!