Thursday, October 4, 2007

Artist Brown

I'm still around, just been fighting off cold/allergy/asthma stuff. It seems maybe I'm getting a bit wiser than I used to be. I used to never slow down or stop until I had to. Now I've found if I will slow down and rest, sometimes my body can fight this stuff off. I didn't even go to church last night. Now I don't believe I have to go; I want to be there. There's a huge difference.

Vicki helped me choose the colors for our bedroom and bathroom. I am going to paint one wall a dark brown and the others a lighter brown. I will have to use a primer over the dark blue I have now to cover it with the brown. I even love the names of the colors. The dark brown is called "Artist Brown" and the lighter one is called "Drawbridge." They should go nicely with the colors I already have. The dark red in my kitchen/dining room is "Chianti" and the other browns I've used are "Kauai Jungle" and "Devonshire." The dark blue in my bedroom now is "Nobilityblue."
I still love the color; it's just that I've had it for over 5 years (maybe even longer; this congestion makes it hard to think straight). Besides it won't go with my new comforter set which is altogether lovely.

I am going to take the wallpaper off the walls in the dressing area of our bathroom and paint it a dark brown and then paint our bathroom the lighter brown. This will mean I will have to refinish the cabinets in there as well. After doing the kitchen summer before last I know I can do this. Hopefully it'll be a breeze since the area is so much smaller and less work. I hope. If I get really blessed I'll have enough stuff left over from the kitchen to do this job also.

Then I plan on replacing the shower curtain. Rebekah and Bethany will probably faint dead away if they read this. I have had the one I have up for 20 years. I love it and just haven't found another one I like better. Maybe it will even go with the new paint job and I can keep it a while longer. I am one to try and get my money's worth.

That brings another thing to mind. The blouse I have on now I recycled from Bethany years ago. I hate shopping for myself and am oh so happy when someone gives me something that fits and I like. I keep saying I'm going to let this particular blouse go, but I can't seem to actually place it in the give away bag after I do laundry. It always goes into my ironing basket and back into my closet after it's ironed. I'm pretty certain we got our money's worth out of it. Maybe I'll set some kind of new record for the person keeping a blouse the longest and actually wearing it regularly.

I can just hear the kids exclaiming about why in the world I would even tell someone this~! I guess because I don't have anything blog worthy and feel the need to run my mouth. I lead a fairly quiet life as you can tell. Definitely a very blessed life~!

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bethany said...

*faints dead*

the shower curtain is a symbol of my life... you wouldn't actually throw it away would you?

I mean... you kept my goggy in your dresser drawer for years.

wait... now don't get any ideas about keeping the shower curtain in the dresser. that would be a bit much. lol

and considering we bought the shirt for $4 ten years ago, yes I'd say it's earned it's death. let it rest in peace mom. ;)