Monday, October 15, 2007

things i'd buy if.........

I was looking through a catalog I received in the mail a few days ago. You know the ones you keep getting forever if you ever buy even one item from them?? Well, it was one of those. They actually have some neat stuff if money was not an issue. Before throwing it in the trash I decided to take a look and here is what I'd buy if...........

1) a hooded sweatshirt that says "It's good to be me"

2) a long sleeved t-shirt that says "National Sarcasm Society" in large letters; underneath these words it says "Like we need your support."

3) an elephant necklace for Rebekah in honor of her elephant ride in Thailand. (not a real elephant, a small one like a charm on a silver chain)

4) lighted fireflies in a jar (looks like a fruit jar with a handle and has faux fireflies [we called them "lightning bugs"] for Daniel cause he would appreciate this one.

5) a set of three garden plaques that says "I tried but it died", "Grow dammit!" and "I don't remember planting this" in honor of my gardening abilities

6) a Harold Feinstein Daisy Umbrella for Bethany cause she likes flowers and the top of this looks like a giant daisy when it's opened

7) another t-shirt that says "Joan of Arc was not Noah's wife"

8) yet another t-shirt that says "As soon as I finish this chapter......." so I could wear it when reading a really good book. It would be my signal to my family to leave me be.

9) a t-shirt that says "I (red heart) Mr. Darcy." I'd buy three of these: one for Rebekah, one for Bethany, and another one for their good friend Andrea.

10) a t-shirt that says "Mom likes ME best" for Hannah

11) a "fluid graceful cross embraced by a heart" handmade in a Texas studio for my wall because I like crosses

12) a plaque made in a small studio in Ireland that says "Be Still and know that I AM" Hand-cast in resin with a bronzed finish, it is a perfect reminder of my Irish ancestry.

13) for Benjamin a book by J.R.R. Tolkien called "The Children of Hurin"

14) a weather forecast doormat that says:

Rug Wet...............Rain
Rug Burns Feet.......Hot and Sunny
Rug White & Cold......Snow
Rug Gone........Tornado

I really don't see anything that jumps out at me for Donald. I did find "A Christmas Story Leg Lamp" that's pretty cool. It says it made Ralphie's old man proud and it is a woman's leg wearing black fish net hose with fringe on the lampshade. I'm afraid it just won't go in our bedroom so I'm afraid it's totally out of the question.

Let's see, minus the lamp, I would have spent $478.25 and that doesn't include taxes and shipping. It's a good thing I have a good head on my shoulders when it comes to looking through catalogs.

Gee, after all this shopping I need nap~!

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