Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Things I've Learned

My body is protesting the 4,788 steps up and down my step stool the last two days. Or was it 4,789? Ouch I hurt.

My bedroom is coming along nicely. I was able to get the bed and roll top desk back in place yesterday so we didn't have to sleep in the middle of the bedroom like the night before. That was nice. I have to finish one wall which isn't actually much wall at all due to two double closets. Although that can take more time than a nice wall. I love the dark brown; I'm not sure about the lighter brown yet. The dark brown is much too dark to paint my whole room that color though. When I get my new comforter on I'm sure it'll make a huge difference. I'm not taking it out of the package again until I'm finished. I'm so uncoordinated I'd be sure to spill paint on it, even from across the room. If I still don't like it I'm sure Vicki will have some ideas on what I can do to keep from repainting. Maybe use some glaze with the dark brown in it?? She is so good at decorating.

If I could just stay home and paint I'm sure I would be finished by now. I have somewhere to be every night this week. Then with school, laundry, appointments, cooking (my family still likes to eat even when I'm painting), and all the other life stuff I haven't been able to stick with it. It's kinda like when I used to sew. Once I had the garment cut out I didn't want to stop until it was finished. Or maybe a good book is a better description if you like to read as much as I do.

Here are some things I've learned while painting the past few days:

I accumulate a lot of e-mails in my inbox.

Muscles ache that I wasn't even aware I possess.

Cooking is even worse than usual.

Laundry doesn't diminish while painting; nor dirty dishes.

The van still has many trips to make (although Ben has helped me a lot.....thanks, Ben~!)

My bathroom sink looks pretty bad with brown spots spattered in it.

If I ask nicely Ben will bring me a giant cherry diet coke from Taco D.

Everyone is very good about saying how nice it looks with no offer of help. (couldn't resist the martyr comment; actually everyone else has work or school and work).

If I had some old pajamas I would just paint in those (too bad I actually threw something away).

There's no time to read a good book.

Okay, I could go but you get the idea so I won't bore you any longer. Back to laundry and schoolwork and then I'm going back up that stepladder.......if I can make it up that is.

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