Friday, April 18, 2008

birthday shopping

I've been birthday shopping. Daniel's birthday is next week. We just ordered civil war caps, expensive civil war caps. They are the kind they wear when they do the reenactments of the battles. He was going to buy one and really wanted one from the confederate and the union. Bingo! A birthday present that he will really like. I'm not telling a secret; he knows what he's getting. He picked it out. I'm not about to pay $55 for a cap he doesn't want or like. That's what I consider being wise.

Bethany's birthday is coming up shortly also. My birthday shopping isn't over yet. It's nice to shop in my comfy chair in front of the computer. I'm rather enjoying it. Or I will until the bill comes!

Donald got quite a bargain when he married me. He doesn't have to birthday shop. He just has to pay for it.

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