Monday, April 14, 2008

the time is now

My friend Connie was talking about bird watching yesterday. They had a bunch of yellow finches feeding in their backyard. How awesome! I decided I'd get a bird feeder to go along with my humming bird feeder. I love to sit outside and watch my hummingbirds. They are so incredible.

My hummingbird feeder is hung under the eave of our house though. If I got a bird feeder I would want to put it in the tree.

Here's my dilemma. Hannah's cats are mighty hunters. Donald and the boys are continually having to bury dead birds, squirrels, mice, etc. It seems they love to bring their "offerings" into our garage to let us know they've been busy. I guess it's their way of repaying us for all the cat food we buy them.

I wouldn't want to set up any bird as their prey. I guess I'll probably just stick with my hummingbirds. I'm on my way to put my feeder up.

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