Friday, April 25, 2008

kitchen can be used for cooking

I'm still tired. Daniel's birthday was a success. His caps arrived at 4:00, just in time for the festivities. It was the perfect gift; you would have thought he had picked it out himself! Trying for a bit of sarcasm here, if you read my blog you know he did that very thing. Nevertheless, he was thrilled. Rebekah took pictures for me, but I don't know how to download them from her camera. I'll try to post those later.

I started off the day by making his cake. He requested a strawberry cake. My mom's recipe is so yummy. Then I made homemade yeast rolls and while those were rising made the icing for the cake. After they were baked I made Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter cookies for the Home School Enrichment Class Open House tonight. Baking cookies take forever. My oven is small and I only bake one tray at a time. Let's see 72 cookies, a dozen a tray, at 8 minutes 10 seconds per tray, well, you get the idea. After that I had to run an errand and buy a birthday balloon and coke in a glass bottle to tie it to. I ended up finding an old Clint Eastwood movie in the $5.00 bin at Wal-Mart which I decided to buy for another present. Then it was back home to make the lasagna and steam the broccoli. We all ate together, which actually happens occasionally (large family, different schedules) and then Daniel opened his presents. We had cake and then watched an episode of Psych. The kids have been getting them through NetFlix and they are so funny!

By now, I'm sure you see why I'm still tired. I used to cook like that every day. Maybe it's because I'm older or smarter, probably both, but I don't do it anymore. Just on birthdays and special occasions. Bethany's birthday is next week so I have to get rested to do it again.

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