Wednesday, April 9, 2008


They're back!!!!!!!!

We have uninvited guests. To be honest, we have fought their relatives for years. Last year was the first year we didn't see any of them. Quite a few years back they ate through the tile in the boys bathroom, the next year it was in the wall between the living and dining room, then they moved to the garage, and the year after our exterminator drilled a hole in the garage floor and hit the mother lode (he actually drilled into their nest). He was so excited! Last year we only saw carpenter ants and he sprayed for them. Alas, the termites are back. They are actually eating the moulding of our wall and that is all we are actually seeing. I'm sure I would hate to see the damage they've done inside it. At least I "think" they are termites. Last year I mistook the carpenter ants for termites. Our exterminator pointed out the difference, but they still looked like a termite to me.

If you live in Texas, more than likely you fight termites or carpenter ants also. They get really active in the spring. They are NOT wanted though as I really don't care to have our house eaten by them!

And yes, I have a call in to the exterminator. We are eagerly awaiting his arrival!

(As usual, thanks goes to Hannah for the photographs.)

UPDATE: The exterminator has come and gone. They were indeed termites. I actually called him again before he came. I went into the garage (which I had checked an hour or two earlier) and the floor was covered with a mass exodus of termites crawling outdoors! They were also on the walls and flying around and into the house! HELP! He had mercy on me and came right away. Of course by that time most of them had left in the garage; wouldn't you know?? He believed me though. At least he said he did.

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that's really gross! :p