Monday, April 21, 2008

life goes on

I did something yesterday I have never done before. I visited three different cemeteries in one afternoon. Donald had to go to Mt. Pleasant where they are opening a new cancer center. The kids were all busy, so I went to see my mom. We decided to visit her sister. My mom's parents both died within a short time of each other when she was eight years old. She and her siblings were taken in by various people. Fortunately they all lived close by and were able to stay in touch with each other. Aunt Madeline died six years ago and it has certainly left a void in our lives, especially my mom and aunt. I took them to the cemetery and to see the old house where she lived. It makes me so sad because it is literally falling down and the once immaculate yard is overgrown and ugly. But in my mind I can still see it through the eyes of a child, beautiful as it used to be.

Then I took Aunt Bertha Lee by her husband's grave in another cemetery. After taking her home, mom and I went to my dad's grave in Dodd City. I miss my dad. Sometimes just a word or thought will remind me of him.

When I talked to Mother last night she said they both had such a good time. Neither of them drive and have to depend on others to take them places. They mostly go the grocery store and the doctor. It took just a few hours of my time to make them happy.

I really need to do things like that more often.

Note: The house in the picture looks great compared to the house where my aunt lived. I wish I had had my photographer with me.

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Vicki said...

So many wonderful memories huh? It's awesome you still have your mom to make more memories with.
Love you,