Wednesday, April 2, 2008

glue guns and cats

I am thoroughly convinced that every woman needs a glue gun. I have spent the last hour or so using mine to repair some things. They are totally awesome! The only drawback is the time I mistakenly stuck my finger in the hot glue. Let me tell you so you won't need to test it yourself, IT IS HOT!

In years past we have even used it to stick trim on our car, the Green Slime. It was the ugliest car, but absolutely the best car we have ever owned. We drove it for years and finally sold it in a garage sale. I am not kidding.

We name our cars. Donald had a huge black and white pickup truck which I named Moby Dick. His jeep now is the White Knight, my van is Big Red. I'll bet you can even guess what colors they are! Somehow we never came up with a name for the kids' car and it is just called "The Camry."

"The Camry" seems to fit it perfectly though. Our vehicles always have cat footprints on them as our cats love to lay on them, especially in the winter when the hoods are warm. If you come to our house your car will be inspected and laid on also. I have to show you this picture of Hannah's cat, Arnold. It just about sums up his life.

Photography credits belong to Hannah.

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