Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Cold Diet Cokes and Frozen Ice Cream

It's so hot I don't feel like doing anything. I got up and ran errands earlier this morning, but it was still hot. I know we've been spoiled with all the rain and milder temperatures, but summer has arrived in a blaze of heat.

All I want to do is lay inside under the air conditioner and drink a cold diet coke or eat ice cream. The air conditioner runs and runs and I don't seem to

get cool. The heat index is at 111 degrees.
I did have a thought earlier
when I went to take the trash out into the garage.

I sure am glad I'm going to heaven and not to Sheol. It must be a horrible miserable hot place.

I was thinking about the small town grocery store where I grew up. Later on it went out of business, but when I was little they had a coke machine similar to the one in the picture. They put ice in it and the bottled drinks were so cold and good~! Cold cokes in a glass bottle are so great.

I have to go back into the hot kitchen and make the mashed potatoes. My ironing board is still in there also, waiting on me to finish the ironing. I had to take a break and dream of ice cream and cold cokes in glass bottles.

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