Thursday, August 30, 2007

Fresh Creamery Butter

I have actually cooked breakfast the past two mornings. I said this morning I kinda felt like a pioneer woman. Never mind that the pancakes yesterday were Hungry Jack, although I did add eggs and oil. That counts for something. This morning it was Blueberry Cheesecake and Poppy Seed muffins. Even though they were packaged I had to reach inside the refrigerator and get the eggs and milk, open the package, and mix them up. On her way out the door to work, as she grabbed some hot muffins, I asked Rebekah if she wanted some "fresh creamery butter" to go with them.

Our family seems to find lines from movies that we really like. The "fresh creamery butter" comes from "Kate and Leopold" and "These mashed potatoes are soo creamy" comes from "While You Were Sleeping." Our family also likes mashed potatoes.........the kind you actually grow in the ground, peel, and cook. None of those instant ones for us. Now I don't actually plant them, weed them, or dig them, but I do go grocery shopping in search of them.

I told the kids this morning that they could have a "normal" family where I went to work. Ben smiled and told me that we were normal, that the others were weird. (DISCLAIMER: If you are one of the "weird" families I in no way intend to judge or condemn you. I am merely talking about a conversation our family had this morning.)

Later I got to thinking about a Glen Campbell song, "Dreams of an Everyday Housewife." Now this doesn't exactly fit me because I never had anyone I almost married. I married my one true love. But I do have the wrinkles that weren't there yesterday; or maybe they were........yeah, actually they WERE there yesterday.

All in all, God has exceeded even my own expectations. I never expected to have five kids, home school them, and a dog in the house. I'm glad we're normal.

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