Monday, August 27, 2007

Forever the Optimist

We started school several hours ago. It is going great~! It will be an awesome year filled with its own set of challenges and victories. Every year is different. Every year is a year closer to the end of my career as a homeschooling mother. I have had several people ask me, "What will you do when you are finished homeschooling?"

Right now I think I'll take a ten year vacation and then maybe look for a part
time job. Of course by that time no one will want to hire a sixty something ex-homeschooling mom who hasn't worked in over 40 years~! If they still have door greeters at Wal-Mart I may have to consider that.

Another option would be to take college algebra and see if I could pass it. Or maybe not. I have come to believe that some people really do get it. I'm just not one of them. I can learn how to work the problems, but it just doesn't stick. By the time the next child needs my help I'm almost back at square one. But on the bright side I am getting better at it. I'm just a slow learner. Thank God for HomeSat teachers who actually understand what they are doing~!

Another great thing about the first day of school is that there is not usually much homework to check. Maybe I'll find time to clean our bathroom. I'm sure there's a white tub underneath all that grime. And for those who are interested I counted the number of loads of laundry I did the past 6 days. They totaled seventeen. That is not counting the ones that I didn't personally do. I'm not one to take credit for something I didn't do.


Miss Hannah said...

i love you mom =)
i really appreciate all you do for us. thank you for always being tolerant with me through school and everything else.


Anonymous said...

I am in awe of your ability to home school your kids! You have many more talents than you think! You are a CEO, CFO, President, Administrator, etc..... Anyone would be smart to hire you when your career of teaching is through! I truly admire what you do and think that your kids are an excellent example of what home schoolers can accomplish! They are all awesome kids and are all brilliant, funny, love God, good faithful friends, etc... And they learned it all from you!!!
You rock Sarah!