Friday, May 16, 2008

around and around i go

I am still around; in fact I am meeting myself coming and going. This has been a really busy week. So much for my plans to get caught up with grading papers, watching algebra tapes, cleaning the bathroom, etc. etc.

Ben is leaving for San Antonio this morning. By himself. It's hard to let him grow up. Now he's driven there before, only someone was with him. He is going down early because Andrew and Amanda are getting married a week from tomorrow. He's in their wedding so there are reasons he wants/needs to be there. In fact, our whole family will be leaving next Friday to attend. It's been several years since we've all been out of town at the same time. B-dog will be so sad. He's staying at Room and Groom. I miss him just thinking about it.

Bethany is leaving Sunday with the Franklands. They will meet us in San Antonio next week for the wedding.

I have another really busy day planned today. Maybe I'll have time to think of something to blog about later.

Just in case you're interested..... my tomatoes are growing! I am so excited I even bought another house plant last night at Home Depot. I am expecting great things from it (meaning that it will live, not that it will bear tomatoes!)

Catch you later.

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