Tuesday, May 20, 2008

thanks for a wonderful evening

Have you ever invited yourself over to some one's house? It's a huge blessing to be that close to someone that you feel comfortable doing that very thing. Partly because you love being with them, but mostly because you know they will honestly tell you if it's not going to work for you to be there.

Donald needed to spray our house and yard for bugs. The stuff is wet and it takes time for it to dry and he always insists that we remove our bodies from the house while he does it. The problem is the house is still wet by the time he reaches the yard. The other way around produces the same results.

It doesn't exactly work to take B-dog to Wal-Mart or shopping while it dries. We used to ride around, but with gas being so expensive we couldn't afford to do that for several hours. We are going out of town Friday and can use all the gas in our tank!

So we just called Connie and Eddie and asked if we could bring Bright over and use their back yard. Now being in their back yard is pure joy anyway. It is so lovely. B-dog thought so also. He ran around for hours sniffing and doing his thing. He was totally exhausted when we got home!

(If anyone doesn't know, Bright is a Golden Retriever. So it's not exactly like asking to bring your chihuahua or poodle over. Donald says it's like living with a Shetland pony. He's an inside dog and doesn't spend much time outdoors unless we are out there with him; he's very much a "people person,"..... er dog. Donald also says one day he's going to realize he's a dog. I have my doubts about that though.)

Thanks Connie and Eddie. We had such a wonderful time. You're the best-est of the best and we love you dearly, even B-dog! I think he enjoyed it even more that we did, if that's possible.

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