Friday, May 9, 2008

don't try this at home

Last night I watched the Spurs beat the Hornets. Donald watched till half time then went to sleep. I turned off the sound and watched the second half in silence. I enjoyed being in my comfy bed with Donald near. If I want to yell I just raise my arm instead. It's much easier to be silent if my Mavs aren't playing, but I'm sure glad the other guys from Texas had a good game. Michael Finley made a lot of threes; he's one of my favorites who used to play with my team. He was traded due to his contract costing the Mavs a lot of money they didn't want to spend on him (I don't understand all the financial stuff, I don't like that part of it either. Like losing Steve Nash for $65 mil or whatever it was. I just loved my "little Stevie" and now he's playing for Phoenix. So I became a Phoenix fan, but I don't like their coach and I'd much rather have Marion than Shaq.)

Late in the fourth during a commercial I got up to brush my teeth and decided I would just use the dim night light and not turn on the bright lights. The lights shine in your face if you're in bed. I am really considerate that way. Now I had gone to the dentist the day before and they had given me a small tube of new toothpaste to try for my sensitive teeth. Still in the dark, I opened the drawer and squeezed it from the tube onto my toothbrush. I began brushing my teeth with antibiotic ointment instead! Yuck! Horrible!! Quick, spit it out and rinse, rinse, rinse my toothbrush with HOT HOT water and start over. This time I grabbed the big tube of Aqua Fresh and tried to scrub the horrid taste out of my mouth.

Now who would keep antibiotic ointment in the toothpaste drawer??? Not I, but my dear husband, sleeping soundly in bed, unaware that his considerate wife nearly poisoned herself trying not to wake him. Some things just aren't right and that is one of them! Maybe he'll read this and move it to another drawer.


bethany said...

lol that is seriously funny!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe that will clear up that tongue fungus you have been fighting.


Anonymous said...

OMG! That is Horrible,but so so funny!
You are such a sweet wife,I sooo would have woke him up to tell him!!!!!! lol