Monday, May 12, 2008

mulching around

This has been such a wonderful day. I have been outdoors for almost all of it! The weather has been perfect today and I got some yard work done. Hannah and I did a project outdoors this afternoon and it was great to spend time with her. We came home and I hopped in the shower while Ben started dinner for me. It is such a blessing for him to be such a good cook!

Now I am in pajamas eating dinner and blogging. Multi-tasking I suppose. Hopefully there will be a basketball game on tonight. I am so going to miss basketball once the season is over. I really don't like baseball; it's too slow for me. The only time I like it is when they show the reruns. Now we are going to a game in Houston this summer on our family reunion, but that will be different. If I get bored in the game then I can people watch. My sister-in-law got a great deal on the tickets also! It will be great getting to spend time with Donald's brothers and sisters and their families. All our kiddos are going also.
Just so you don't get too impressed..........the picture above is NOT my yard. It looks like something my friends Susan or Barb would do though. That ought to count for something.

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