Wednesday, May 21, 2008

no cruises please

Is it really possible I have been married for thirty-two years? On one hand it seems like I have spent my whole life loving Donald. Then again there were almost twenty years of my life when I didn't even know him. We lived about five miles from each other, went to schools in different towns, and never met. I was immediately smitten from the first time I spoke to him. He was so cute and so nice and I really really wanted to know him.

I sometimes still can't believe he chose me. I am so very thrilled because he did. I am blessed beyond measure; he is the most wonderful man a woman could want. We have had our ups and downs of course, like any relationship. We have a good life with wonderful children. We have a nice home, food to eat, cars to drive, and many extras. We have a God who loves us and blesses us with peace, joy, and hope.

Donald has always helped with the kids and even the housework when they were small. He changed their diapers, gave them baths, soothed their tears, played with them, and prayed for them. He works faithfully to provide for us and spends time with us. I'm not sure they are fully aware of how blessed they are. He's a good man, a faithful man, and most of all a Godly man.

Happy Anniversary, Donald. And please don't ever plan to take me on a cruise for an anniversary gift. You probably already know that, but just in case, I want you to know that's totally not something I want to do.

I love you!

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Erica said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

I hope it's a wonderful day of memories and fun.

Oh yes, and I can't help but notice how much Daniel looks like Donald in this picture! Do they look alike to you?