Wednesday, May 7, 2008

this is growing in my backyard

The words "Oh, what a beautiful morning. Oh, what a beautiful day" keep going through my head. Yesterday is gone and it's a new day with new possibilities. What an awesome God to come up with the concept of new beginnings.

Yesterday was a hard day. I don't even want to go there.

I didn't get up till almost 9:00 this morning. I was awake, but I was so relaxed and Donald's little fan was blowing in my face and I didn't have anything pressing. After yesterday I needed the respite. Even the sticky floor and counter and sink full of dirty dishes didn't dampen my joy. Now the distance formula is buzzing through my brain and I'm still happy. (We are working on algebra just so you know I've not lost it!)

Matthew West - Only Grace
There is no guilt here
There is no shame
No pointing fingers
There is no blame
What happened yesterday has disappeared
The dirt has washed away
And now it's clear

There's only grace
There's only love
There's only mercy
And believe me it's enough
Your sins are gone
Without a trace
There's nothing left now
There's only grace

You're starting over now
Under the sun
You're stepping forward now
A new life has begun
Your new life has begun

And if you should fall again
Get back up, get back up
Reach out and take my hand
Get back up, get back up
Get back up again Get back up again

So get back up, get back up again

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Anonymous said...

I love your roses. My favorite flower. I also love the song :Only Grace" as this was the first song Pastor did last year in my davestating news of Robert leaving. This song was my begening of a new life. It is my song I love to hear still after a year.