Monday, May 5, 2008

town crier, sort of

My children know me too well. I have ventured out with yet another past time. I have planted tomatoes in pots and squash in my flower bed in the back yard. I went out to check on them

this morning and I HAVE TOMATOES GROWING!!!!!!!!

I immediately ran inside and yelled to whoever was around, "I HAVE TOMATOES GROWING!"

Thankfully it was lunch time and everyone was home! Donald even pampered me and got up to see. He agreed they were a sight to behold and congratulated me on my success. Hannah came out with her camera. I had just told Donald that Hannah would have to take a picture of them for my blog. She knows me well. Each of the kids have gotten to view them; while showing Rebekah she actually bowed and said, "Hail the Garden Goddess."

Now the thing that is so exciting is that I usually kill stuff. When we were studying adjectives Daniel gave me an example of "dead plant." When I bring in a new plant the kids laugh and say something along the lines of "another one for her to kill." Rebekah had a plant die and I told her she had my green thumb, but she decided it was more like a brown thumb. I am not noted for growing things although I do have a lot of other great qualities.

I had already decided I want a vegetable garden in the back yard. We have mostly weeds anyway so I won't have to worry about killing the grass. These green tomatoes have definitely whetted my appetite for a garden. I can almost taste my success.

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