Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Another Grace Like Rain Day

I can't get the phrase "Grace Like Rain" out of my mind. God is so terrific~! His grace is so awesome~!

So many things about God are so inconceivable to my mind. Just the thought that God IS and always WAS with no beginning and no end is so
impossible to comprehend.

I know I keep quoting things our pastor has said. It's because God's Words through him have changed my life. The whole grace concept has revolutionized my life. I love one of the definitions of that word......

3: to change fundamentally or completely In this case to revolutionize me~!

Okay, I got off on another train of thought there. I do that quite often, but back to the words our pastor said. I can't remember if he was quoting someone or if these are his words, but Donald wrote them down and I still have them in my Bible. "Grace is not something we opt into; it is something we have to opt out of!!! It is everywhere."

I have known about grace all my Christian life. It never seemed to reach further than being a word though. There is a big difference between knowing and KNOWING. I realize there is much more to grace than what I KNOW now.

That is one of the neat things about belonging to God. Just through the simple act of faith in believing in His son, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit belongs to us as well. We have access to Him at all times. We don't have to stagnate in our Christian lives. We can keep growing and learning and discarding some of the things we have believed, but find out later weren't quite right. I'm not sure I'm even making a lot of sense. There are so many thoughts swirling through my mind right now.

Enjoy God today. Revel (take intense pleasure or satisfaction) in His presence~!

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Erica said...

I too have spent the past few years learning about Grace. What an awesome journey! I think Grace looks bigger every day. I'm still overwhelmed by the awesomeness of it all.

Reveling in Him,