Friday, June 22, 2007

Bird Caught in a Storm

Bethany and Ben returned from San Antonio last night. They had been gone since Saturday. Bright was SO excited to see them. The rest of us were also, but I dare say we didn't grin as much as Bright did. Now you may think I'm crazy, but that dog DOES grin.

I had bought a large plastic container and put all my cards, artwork, etc. in it day before yesterday. It had been in several containers and boxes all crammed under my bed and I had run out of room. We ended up looking at and laughing over some of the early artwork and letters the kids had blessed us with when they were young. Bethany had drawn "mom and dad holding hands." I was pretty big since I took up most of the page. Donald was drawn very small down in the corner. I like to think that is the way she saw me, larger than life so to speak. After all I was the one with her day in and day out while Dad had to go to work to take care of us.

Daniel had drawn soldiers and one "Zorro" that made us laugh. Hannah had written "books" and stapled her stories together for us. Rebekah contributed many also and made one cute plea asking Donald if she and Bethany could sleep on the sofa sleeper that night. If not, she advised him that they would gladly sleep in their beds. How can you turn down a request like that???

The one though that disturbs me the most is the one I can't find. Ben had drawn a lovely picture which he proudly presented to us. It was rather hard to tell exactly what it was or which side went up. He was more than happy to tell us it was "a bird caught in a storm." I put it somewhere for it is one of those keepers you always treasure. And now I can't find my treasure. I have searched and searched and can't find it. It will drive me crazy until I do.

I have several more places to look which will require some time and effort, but with God's help I will find it. Since He knows the number of hairs on my head, I'm sure He knows where my picture is.

I think I rather feel like the woman who lost her coin and searched until she found it. Luke 15:9 says: "And when she finds it you can be sure she'll call her friends and neighbors: 'Celebrate with me! I found my lost coin!' "

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