Thursday, June 21, 2007

Our Grand Dog

I imagine a lot of blog owners post pictures of their grandchildren. Since I don't have
grand kids yet I decided to post pictures of my "grand dog." And a grand dog he is~!

Bright has been a part of our family now for over four and a half years. He loves people. He always wants to be in the middle of whatever is going on. He celebrates all occasions with us. Christmas finds our red minivan full of our family and Bright as we drive around looking at Christmas lights. We took him with us the first Christmas he was ours. He sat in Bethany's lap. Now it is a tight squeeze but he has to go~!

A few weeks ago Sonic had free root beer floats. We were minus a couple of kids as they had
other plans. But we loaded up those who were home and Bright and went for free floats. He ate small bites from a plastic spoon. Bethany has taught him all manner of things. He really is an amazing dog.

We took him for obedience training when he was young. I watched as he dragged Bethany all over the fairgrounds. The next lesson he did much better. I guess he was excited to be out with all the other dogs and people and wide open spaces. Soon he was sitting for treats, and staying, and walking beside her. Proud "grandma" watched from the sidelines. It's amazing what he will do for a bite of string cheese.

We have a lot of people coming and going at our house. Our kids have lots of friends coming by and he gets really excited when the doorbell rings. He loves it and has made quite a few friends who always have to pay attention to him when they are over.

I never imagined I would be this crazy over a dog. After all he is just a dog. Although it is quite amazing to me how he knows what we say. If someone drops food in the kitchen we can call out "clean up on aisle three" and he comes running to clean it up~! He knows the words out and go and is always ready to run to the van and wait until someone opens the door so he can jump in. Of course the word bone has great meaning for him also.

Bethany can say just about anything to him and he understands.

I couldn't resist the picture of him wearing the
birthday hat. And I have one with him
in a tee shirt and......................

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Miss Hannah said...

you should have posted the one with him in the tee shirt! heehee, I put that on him =P