Monday, June 18, 2007

Apple, Coconut, or Pecan?

Summer has finally arrived at our house. We are finished with school and the kids are scattered. Bethany and Ben are in San Antonio visiting some dear friends. Rebekah and Donald are at work, Daniel and Hannah are sleeping. I have let Bright out and fed the cats and should be doing some things around the house. However I'd rather be blogging. I really do need a digital camera. I have never felt the need for one before I started my blog. We have lots of photos thanks to the kids and Donald. I will be doing something and think what I could write about if only I had a picture to go along with it. I think the saying "A picture is worth a thousand words" perfectly describes my thoughts here.

We celebrated Father's Day yesterday with brisket, potato salad, baked beans, and three kinds of pie: pecan (Donald's request), coconut (for Rebekah) and apple (for whoever didn't want the other two). Ben if you read this they were really good; I'm sure there won't be any left by the time you get back from your trip~!

As you can see I really don't have any inspired thoughts at the moment. Not that I ever do, but one can hope. If we had an IHOP here I'd wake Daniel and get some breakfast. That kid loves IHOP. Right now it sounds pretty good. Maybe I'll go see if there's any pie left.
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The Real Mother Hen said...

Actually I had the same thought about digital camera too... then after saving for almost a year, I went to get a cheap one. Now I've one, but often the pictures I take aren't that good, as a result I don't put them up on my blog! Sigh!

Erica said...

Ryan tells me we are to have an IHOP before long. I am not sure where, but that is the word around town. I will be happy to have a good place to go for breakfasts!

Sarah said...

the real mother hen....can you tell me what kind of cheap camera NOT to buy? If I ever get one it will have to be one of the cheaper ones.

erica... Daniel will be so glad to hear that. Several years when Donald was traveling he worked in
Austin. We all went down for a week. We ate Mexican food at Chuy's, Chinese at P.F. Chang's, barbeque at Rudy's, Italian at Carrabas's, and at IHOP. Daniel's favorite place was IHOP~!

Miss Hannah said...

The apple pie was for me! because it is the only kind of pie I like (2nd to memaws chocolate pie!)
i love you mommy dearest!