Saturday, June 16, 2007

New and Improved

Cora sent an email that included this picture. It is pretty obvious if you come to my house that our computer isn't broken~!

Actually I've chilled out A LOT about...... oh, so many things. I used to stay uptight about the house and wanting it to be clean and perfect. No more. Several years ago God released me from my perfectionist nature and I'm enjoying life much more. I believe God wants us to be happy and enjoy Him and those he has put in our lives.

I do clean sometimes; I'm just not as uptight about when it gets done. In fact, I cleaned our bathroom last night. Every day this week I would say I was going to get to it that day.....maybe. Eventually it happened.

Several years ago I decided I could either home school or have a very clean house. But not both. Now the kids do help a lot, but they don't always do things exactly the way I would. Or sometimes even in my timing, unless I get nasty and insist it be done right then. But it really isn't that important to me any longer. Meet the new, improved me (at least in my own eyes).

Now that my bathroom is clean I'll have to decide on another project to get done sometime next week~!

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Erica said...

I love this little image. It fits me perfectly!