Friday, June 29, 2007

Down Comforters

I am back at home in my own little world today. We are still officially on "vacation"; at least Donald and I are. The kids are working as they have already had theirs....vacation that is. I came home to one very clean and sweet smelling house. I paid Hannah to clean for me while we were gone. It was worth every penny I've yet to pay her~! I absolutely hate coming home from a trip to a messed up house. It doesn't take long after unloading the car to have things setting around waiting to be put in place. I used to be hyper about it and would immediately start unpacking and putting away. The first thing I did last night was come directly to the computer. We had computer access in our very lovely hotel room but they charged for it. Why spoil a "free" night by paying for something?? We also declined the valet parking for $14.00 and walked.

Donald used to travel in his job and had points for a free night that he had earned. We stayed at the RENAISSANCE AUSTIN HOTEL and experienced "an authentic luxury hotel in Austin." You could even call for a turn down service. If I had known they wouldn't have charged for it I might have called; however since I have expertise in that area (and I am also on the cheap side) I did it myself. They had fancy bottled water for $4.00 if you cracked the seal. I was completely satisfied with my Diet Coke. Donald had one iced down and oh so cold for me when I woke up yesterday.

The reason we chose Austin was to see Monte Montgomery. He can play one mean guitar. I was mesmerized by how fast his fingers flew up and down his guitar the first time I saw him. I don't know squat about music, but that guy can play~! He was at the Saxon Pub and we saw another band before he came up. I enjoyed them a lot. One guy was really the entertainer and I almost got dizzy watching him bob his head. They did a fantastic job of "Jackson" or maybe that's not even the name of it, but it was great. They had my foot tapping for sure. Monte was alone and I missed his band, but he was still fantastic. If you're interested here's his web site. You can listen to sound clips from some of his albums. I didn't see my favorite on there, "I Know You By Heart." He did it Wednesday night though and it was awesome~!

Vacations are meant to be enjoyed. I just gave Donald one little item on his "honey do" list. He's already taken care of it for me so he can enjoy the next several days. Am I awesome or what??


The Real Mother Hen said...

Yes awesome! Especially coming to a clean nice home part... :)

Erica said...

How wonderful that you got to spend some time together! Sounds like you had a good time.

lol @ the hotel. It's always nice to stay in those fancy places cause they're so comfy, but you don't dare touch anything!! You might end up spending $3 on peanuts if you accidentally rip the bag while inspecting it to see if it's any different than the bag of peanuts you can get for $0.99 at the store across the street. hehe