Monday, June 11, 2007

Could this be me????

I just came inside from cleaning our fence. It has been over a month since I did that. There are creeping vines and vicious things with thorns all in the corner of our yard. They go wild in the springtime. They climb and coil and spread like wildfire. I have battled them each year for the past eleven years. They seem to be winning.

I would like to go to the chemical store and get some poison that would wipe it out. It would have to be safe for pets and be okay with my neighbors though. They have lots of it in their back yard. I'm not sure if they grow it or just don't battle it like I do. I am in a bad sort of mood since the last time I did it I got into poison ivy. I have never had poison ivy before and believe me I will be much more sympathetic the next time Ben gets it. A few years ago he had the series of shots to keep from getting it and he still got it. We have made several trips to the doctor when we couldn't get rid of it. Thankfully he handed me his prescription poison ivy cream which did the trick. So now I am wondering if I'll need to use it again.

I took precautions this time. I wore a long sleeved shirt and gloves and had everything covered except my face. I guess if I was a bee farmer I could have worn the big thing they wear to cover their faces. I probably would have looked pretty weird though. I think I found the creeping kind that is creeping from the fence row into our backyard. I got the bottle of poison ivy spray from the garage and doused them all. Then I came in and got into the shower immediately and scrubbed myself and washed my hair. I picked up the dirty clothes with a towel and carried them quickly put them into the washing machine with lots of soap. It wasn't a "I Love Lucy" move where the machine overflowed with suds, but it much more than I would have used under normal circumstances. Dire circumstances call for dire measures you know.

Now I am trying to decide what to do with the rest of my day. There is plenty I could do, but what do I want or need to do today? I guess I really need to finish grading a few chemistry questions so I'll be completely finished with school this year. I have books to try to sell and have to get my list ready for the curriculum I'll need for next semester. I also need to clean off the bookshelves as I do this each year after we finish school and get it ready for next year. I guess I just decided what I'll do. I'm sure it will be safer than my battle with the vines and poison ivy.


The Real Mother Hen said...

"I got the bottle of poison ivy spray from the garage and doused them all" - did you say you use poison ivy to get ride of the creeping vines? Did it work? Well I'm curious.

Sarah said...

Actually I should have said I used "Round Up for Poison Ivy." That's the trouble with me blogging; my mind runs must faster than my fingers~! btw, I loved your post A Day in the Garden. When my children were small they would bring me yellow "flowers" from the yard and I would proudly display them in a small jar.