Monday, September 3, 2007

Awesome God

"Our God is Awesome."

This was the title of Pastor Paul's message yesterday. He asked us some questions about this statement.

Do you Believe it?
Do you Speak it?
Do you Walk in it?

Little did I know while I was listening and taking notes that God was about to show me how incredibly awesome He is~! (And give me an opportunity to show Pastor Paul that I was listening, and to also walk in it. Why am I always surprised when God does this?)

I did something after hearing that message that I am still in awe of. You see, it wasn't me............definitely not~! It was my incredibly awesome God.

Even though it was done without emotion that is a good thing. For the emotions I've felt in the past weren't pleasing to God; they were just flat out wrong. I have struggled with this particular issue for such a long time. I know it's not behind me. Said person has a way of bringing out the worst in me. Now I know it's my choosing, but times past I haven't chosen to stop my ugliness because of all the emotions involved. So not having my emotions involved was a positive thing this time.

My God IS an awesome God~!

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