Saturday, September 22, 2007

Laura Norder

I like words. I don't know why exactly. I like to look words up in the dictionary and thesaurus. I hate misspelled words on billboards and signs. There is one on one of our main streets that advertises "fountian" drinks for such and such cents. Now I'm sure I shouldn't get so emotional over this, but it really irks me. And it's not even on the 100 MOST OFTEN MISSPELLED WORDS IN ENGLISH list.

I received an email this morning. The person was needing "chester"drawers. Now I don't know if it's because my hearing isn't that good or if it's where I grew up, but I have heard this one before. I actually found this online. Some I had heard, some enlightened me, and a few I have used incorrectly. I would like to set the record straight though: these listed I no longer use incorrectly.

These are some of the ones I knew:
1. Old-timer's disease for Alzheimer's disease
2. bob wire for barbed wire (now I am guilty of saying this one; in fact it was years before I knew the difference, but then I'm from small town Texas)
3. chester drawers for chest of drawers
4. duck tape for duct tape (once again I am guilty of this one)
5. prostrate for prostate (I've heard this on NYPD Blue, maybe they meant to use it that way)
6. sherbert for sherbet (guilty as charged)

There were a couple that enlightened me.
1. card shark for cardsharp
2. chomp at the bit for champ at the bit
3. spitting image for spit and image

And finally these are the ones I found funny:
1. Heineken remover for Heimlich maneuver
2. Laura Norder for law and order

What is the point in all this? I haven't a clue. At least I have something to blog about. But now I know not to say I'm chomping at the bit or she's the spitting image of her mother. Does anyone have a chester drawers??

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