Monday, September 24, 2007

friends and flip flops

Today a good friend of mine had surgery. I was in the elevator at the hospital on my way to be with her family. I recognized a nurse who took care of Daniel over 16 years ago. She is the sweetest person and a wonderful nurse. Daniel was premature and after being care flighted to Dallas and staying there a week he spent a month here in our hospital nursery. So I spent a lot of time in the nursery with Daniel and the nurses. Judy was one of my favorites. She loved Daniel and delighted in giving me good reports about him. She would hold him when I couldn't and took such wonderful care of him. It was so good to see her. After asking our name she remembered us. She has taken care of so many babies; what a blessing to have someone who loves them.

I had forgotten how cold hospitals are. I made the mistake of wearing my ever present flip flops and once my feet got cold I got cold. Now because of this stage of my life I rarely get cold. It is a weird feeling for someone who has been on the cold side. However it didn't take long for them to thaw out after I left.

I guess I should put on some shoes when I go back in a bit. How I hate wearing shoes though. My Old Navy flip flops are so comfortable and broken in. It's a shame to cram my feet into shoes just to keep my feet warm. No, my flip flops will be just fine.

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