Friday, September 7, 2007

Year Number 23, But Who's Counting???

Today was the first day of our fall semester home school enrichment classes. Hannah was very excited to get to see all her friends again and could hardly wait for me to get out the door. In true first day back fashion, I forgot a bag of things I needed for class. Now I had it laying out on the cabinet with the rest of the stuff I needed to take, but somehow it became invisible as I hurried out the door. I dropped Hannah off for class and ran back home to get it and was only a few minutes late. It's a good thing I don't live far out; I would definitely have to be better organized.

My favorite part of the classes is "Mom's Room." Each of the mothers are allowed one hour of the classes to visit in "Mom's Room." Susan leads it for us although her sons have already graduated. She has a grandson whom I'm sure she'll help school. Anyway she asked us to fill out a questionnaire about homeschooling. It was quite thought provoking for me. I realized all over again how blessed I am to be able to teach our kids at home. Now I wasn't always on the bandwagon; God has definitely changed my heart from the Jezebel woman who screamed at her husband that she would never even consider homeschooling. (If you haven't figured it out yet... I am that woman~!) Now here I am twenty-three years later still eating my words, and happy to do so.

One thing I've definitely learned is to NEVER SAY NEVER!