Thursday, September 20, 2007

it can Really happen

Those of you who know me also know that I am NOT a hair person. I do not have a knack for doing hair. Heck, I had trouble with my daughters' ponytails when they were young. I'm afraid this has also affected my own appearance. Now to be honest I guess I haven't really worried about it too much. I had perms for years so all I had to do was wash and go. That is definitely my kind of hairstyle.

But I finally got tired of perms and since my hair was damaged I let it grow out and opted for a shorter look. Now this was okay, but it did require much more care on my part. I learned to use a curling iron and only burned myself a number of times. Lately I have just let my hair grow and honestly didn't know what I wanted to try to do with it. I have experimented with Rebekah's straightener or whatever you call it.

I had an appointment with Nancy yesterday. She has done my hair for 20 years at least. She is awesome and really knows what she's doing (not at all like me). I went in and told her I didn't know what I wanted except I didn't want a perm. I also told her I had been experimenting with the straightener. She looked at me and said something that I am still marveling over. She said," I am impressed. It looks good." Now she has never ever said anything even similar to that over the past 20 years~! So she did a little bit of cutting around my face so I would look "sassy" and I left in a rather smug manner.

So now here I am with a look I'm not even sure I can handle. I'm not even sure I can pull it off. Life is good.


Erica said...

sniff. your photo is not showing!

Dustie said...

You are soo funny!!!! we need a pic so we can see your new doo!!!!