Sunday, July 15, 2007

Back to Normal

I started to post last night at midnight and call it Twelve O'clock High. You see, my life is back to normal now. Our kids got home yesterday from their almost week long youth trip. It is so good to have them back where they belong~! But with them came tons of laundry. I was still doing laundry at midnight. My faithful washer and dryer had been running nonstop for over 9 hours. I had baskets and piles of sorted clothes all throughout the kitchen and laundry room. If you went out the door you had to maneuver through the baskets and piles. I still have several loads to do today. Now I remember why I wash clothes every day.

I probably would have been wiser just to load it all up and go to the laundromat. I just can't do that though; that brings back memories I don't like to recall. I am so thankful for my washer and dryer. In fact, when they have to be replaced I already have the ones picked out that I hope to buy. Now I don't know if I'll get them, but one can hope. Maybe the prices will have gone down by then. Do you notice how optimistic I am today?

I also cooked a special dinner for everyone and had even ran the dishwasher twice before bedtime. Things really are back to normal~!

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Miss Hannah said...

You have NO idea how glad I am to be home :) I missed talking to you far to much.