Tuesday, July 3, 2007

A Story

I was looking through some documents on our computer and ran across this story Hannah wrote for me. It was an English assignment, and I don't remember the specifics. Although the storyline was changed and some of the circumstances, I was totally captivated by my "prince" in real life~!

Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess named Sarah. Sarah lived with her parents and her younger brother, Teddy. Although Sarah was a princess, no one could know. So she went to a normal school, had friends, and enjoyed helping her father pick cotton out in the fields. One day as Sarah was at work, an extremely handsome man entered the store. His long wavy hair flustered along his face. Sarah was in awe of this gorgeous person. His crest white smile filled the room. Princess Sarah was very sad when he left. "I wonder what his name was. such a beautiful person has to have a beautiful name.". The day ended and Sarah couldnt seem to let herself forget about this strangely wonderful man. Several days went on. She gazed at the door for several days as she was at work, but he didnt come. One day as Sarah was working with all lost hopes, suddenly this man walks through the door once more. His hair blowing with the wind. Sarah felt as if she was going to faint. Out of nowhere the man comes up to the counter, "Hello, do you happen to have any hair gel??" Sarah was so shocked, and at that moment, the man said "I'm Donald, whats your name?" Sarah could hardly speak "Sss.a.Sarah." Donald just stared. "do you want to go get some donuts on your next break?" Sarah didnt hesitate for a minute "YES! I mean, um, Sure." Donald and Sarah had a wonderful date. In fact, it went so wonderful that they had many more. One night Sarah and Donald were out on a date. Sarah had been dreading this night. "Donald, I must tell you something." said Sarah "oh, okay." "I'm a princess. I cant just marry anyone. I'm sorry, I would have told you sooner, but I just couldnt bring myself up to say it." there was a moment of silence and then "THATS WONDERFUL! See, my father is the King, and I have been dreading the night I was to tell you that I was to marry a princess." Much more was said and many hugs were given. Several months went by and the lovely couple were married! They had 5 beautiful children. God told Sarah that she was to homeschool her children. For what reason she did not know. But she was obediant and did so. Sarah has given up many things for her children. And so has Donald. Although they saw themselves in a Castle doing everything they wanted to do, God had different plans in store for them, They were always faithful and obediant to their God. And they are still living happily ever after. The End

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