Sunday, July 8, 2007

Spellchecker On

Donald and I took a ride this afternoon. We used to do that quite regularly when we were wishing for a larger home. Part of the motivation was just to get out of the house. All seven of us lived in a too small home and after a while you just needed out. So we would ride around and look for houses and covet in our hearts for what others had. Then we would resignedly return to our too small home until our next ride.

In His timing God blessed us with a larger home where we aren't crowded wall to wall and floor to ceiling. We have filled up most of this wonderful space in the course of the eleven years we have been here. However we don't ride around and wish for others' homes. The reason for the ride today was to view the river which is very high due to so much rain over the past month or so. Now maybe we just need to "get a life" but it was fun and I saw some great sights that I hadn't noticed before.

One was a beauty shop called the "Curl Up and Dye." I enjoyed that until we passed the "End Time Fellowship" on down the road. I don't think that would be the place for me. I don't worry about the end times as I believe God has all that under control and since I belong to Him He will take care of me. But to each his own.

I was so engrossed in my good time that I failed to notice the sign with the misspelled word. When you enter our fair city from the north and south one particular hotel has a huge sign that advertises a free continetal breakfast. Come on now, if you are going to spend all that money on those signs can't you have a proofreader to make sure the words are spelled correctly???? I wonder how many people besides myself have noticed that they left a "n" out of continental?? At least Donald didn't have to listen to me griping about the misspelling this time.

Now I've probably misspelled a word since I commented on the sign. I hope the spellchecker does its job. I think I've done mine.

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