Monday, July 30, 2007


I haven't had anything blog worthy the last several days. Now, all at once, I have several creditable topics. I think I'll discuss this one today and maybe the other ones later.

I received an email today that could change my life. You see, I have been invited to audition for a chance to be a Dallas Maverick Dancer~! Here is just a part of my invitation......

"Attention all ladies! Want to be part of the hottest dance team in the NBA? If you are a high school graduate, at least 18 years old, energetic and love to perform in front of large crowds - the Mavs want YOU to tryout to be a part of the Dallas Mavericks Dancers."

I have to go shopping for a few items. Here is the list of things I need in order to try out.
Half top (any style, any color)
Short shorts (any style, any color)
Nude hose (any brand)
White socks
White shoes –dancer sneakers or athletic brands

At least I have the white socks. The other items should be relatively easy to come by. At the bottom of the email is an ad for "Planet Tan" with free enrollment and a FREE Super starter kit including tanning goggles, lotion packets and moisturizer.

Maybe I better work on my tan before I leave for the auditions. I will have plenty of time because I am not required to have my own routine.......I will learn all the dance combinations at the audition.

All of a sudden my life is full of possibilities and adventure..........


Erica said...

This has me rolling with laughter! You should go get those things, take a picture of yourself wearing them, and post it here just for fun! :) hehe

Susan Dearinger said...

Sarah, I am in tears laughing at this... you are hysterical!!! I can see it now... And the starting lineup for the Dallas Mavs Dancers.... A spring chicken at the age of 50, Ms. Sarah Vaughn.... Shake what your mama gave you Sarah!!!!! This lit up my life with hilarity!!!