Friday, January 18, 2008

Forever God is Faithful

If you are a parent do you ever feel that God uses your children to teach you His ways? It's like we do/say all these things to make an impression on our children when they are small and yet God uses something we least expect to get the point across.

When Rebekah was little we had some Kid's Praise music that she listened to a lot. One series was Psalty the singing songbook and Charity Churchmouse. I never realized what an impact these songs had on her until I read her blog.

I know that God can use whatever He desires to touch our children's hearts and make an impression on them. I never knew at the time that He was doing that very thing. I am forever grateful to Him for continuing to work in our children's hearts. He is faithful!


Erica said...

I had Psalty too!!!! At that time in our lives mom and dad weren't into fantasy or anything that wasn't "real" and since Psalty was "pretend" she didn't let me listen to the original stuff. She would record the songs only onto a cassette for me. lol But, I sure did love them!

Emily said...

I love it when those type of things happen. :-)