Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Weird Wednesday

Usually I'm at church right about now. Tonight I'm home and that seems weird as I'm feeling just fine. Donald had a meeting tonight and is getting to eat plus getting continuing education credits for it. Sounds good to me. I spent most of the day on the go and had to pick up Daniel from work since Donald's not home. We decided to go through Arby's for cheddar melts and curly fries. I didn't get home from the grocery store until after 4:00. Ben and Hannah helped me unload and Hannah cleaned the pantry and put away food for me. By then I didn't have time to cook dinner since I had to be ready to leave when Daniel called. I guess I'm trying to justify spending money on fast food; it was good, but not that good. At least I have the items for quite a few meals now. I love it when I plan ahead and know what I have on hand to fix.

The kids are leaving for San Antonio tomorrow so we have plenty of things to work on tonight. Homework and laundry mainly. The washer and dryer are humming along and the kids are studying so all is well on the home front. It sure is strange not being at church!

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