Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Opportunity in every difficulty

Today the sun is shining and it's beautiful, but cool, out. We seem to go from 70 to freezing in a couple of hours. It sure is hard on allergy symptoms, coughs, and stuff you are trying to get over. Rebekah was sick and on antibiotics, I finally had to break down and get them, Ben has struggled along without them so far, and some of the others in our family have coughs. It sure was nice having the windows open for a few days! I love airing out the house. Hopefully some of the germs got taken care of.

Along with the antibiotics came several symptoms for me. I felt awful yesterday and didn't even go to Celebrate Recovery. Today is better. My stomach hurts but at least I'm not running to the bathroom , if you know what I mean. It seems that my symptoms are listed on the package as possible side effects. It would be nice if the antibiotics could just take care of the bad stuff without the side effects and without killing off some of the good stuff as well. I guess that's what yogurt is for. I did eat some for a couple of days until the nausea came and then I had trouble downing it. Every time I eat my stomach hurts; at least my sinus infection is better. See, I can look on the positive side of things.

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