Tuesday, January 15, 2008

presence choice

I love how when God gets my attention about something He continues to send me reminders. Our wonderful pastor has reminded us many times that we should seek after God Himself and not what He can give us/do for us. That is wise and life-changing advice. My daily devotional from Pastor Kevin (http://www.e-quip.org/) also talked about this. This is what he said in his Jan. 11th devotional.......

"It's time to get back to the basics. It's time to get back to KNOWING GOD. It's time to get back to a relationship with Jesus that far exceeds any other relationship we have on Earth, amen? Amen. THAT is what will be the catalyst to get YOU and ME into that PERFECT, EXACT, and GOD-PLANNED PURPOSE for our lives. Amen! I recently heard this statement, "It's time to be less concerned about the "presents" of God, and to start being more concerned about the "presence" of God."

I need His presence. I entered into a "me-centered" attitude yesterday and it stunk. It was an especially long morning as I bemoaned my missed meeting and dealt with my "poor me" attitude. I knew better; I just didn't let it go. It wasn't the end of the world and nothing life threatening came of it. I am human; I simply forgot. That happens and life goes on.

After a busy afternoon and night I checked email this morning and got this note from a special friend. Just read your blog. Are you being tested today? :) Hang in there. Remember God is in control and to praise Him in all things. Don't come down on yourself. He loves you very much!!! and sooooooo do I.

Aren't friends wonderful??

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