Friday, January 25, 2008


I'm ready for it to warm up. It's 29 degrees now, but the windchill makes it feel like 19. On the upside it is supposed to get up to 33 today. But I don't consider 33 warm. There is a 60% chance of rain, therefore we could get some ice. All this cold makes me remember another time.

Several years ago we had a major ice storm after Christmas. Hardly anyone had electricity since the lines were down. Our house had two bedrooms and a bath added onto the back before we bought it. Now they did an excellent job and you can't tell it's an add on. They buried our lines though and the transformer on our pole stayed intact so our house had electricity. It became sort of a haven for some of our church family. We had heat and warm water for showers. We also had tons of food since the electricity was off long enough for every one's food to spoil. They brought it to our house and we had a very full refrigerator/freezer. One morning I woke up to the smell of frying bacon! Our pastor was cooking breakfast. Now I don't do breakfast unless it is at night for dinner. So that was quite a treat for me. One night we grilled steaks. I loved it; it was wonderful having people I love live with us for a few days. The kids had a blast as their friends were here also.

We still talk about it at times. So if it gets too bad and we are blessed with electricity "y'all" come on over. And yes, Pastor Paul, breakfast would be nice again please. I'll also be sure I have some extra pillows for Connie and Eddie!

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Emily said...

How neat that you opened your doors to your home in a time a need. I am sure this is a memory those you helped will never forget too. This is what true Christian love it all about!