Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Back in the Saddle Again

Earlier in the week I decided I was just too passionate about basketball. I'm one of the Dallas Maverick's greatest fans. After this series with the Golden State Warriors and near elimination from round one of the playoffs I was in the throes of despair for awhile. (Maybe you have to really love basketball to understand that one.) I decided I just wasn't going to watch the game. I had tried earlier this week when they lost. I did laundry, dishes, and ironing during the game; all the while sneaking peeks at the television and getting in a yell every now and then.

Last night I decided I would be a true fan and go down with the ship so to speak. Dirk came through in the final minutes after they blew a huge lead from the first half. So now it's a 3-2 series with another game Thursday night. And guess who is going to be in front of the tv cheering for her team??? Maybe my title should be "Back Again" or "Passionate Return."

If anyone wants to watch the game Thursday night I'll be here. Go Mavs~!

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