Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Lame Names

The past few days we have been trying to get pictures of the birds I wrote about. They are still squawking and dive bombing Hannah's cat, Jupiter. Even as I write I can hear them fussing at him. He still will not run, but a couple of times today it has looked like he was about to attack them. I think he is just about tired of this. Silly cat, he ought to just leave their nest alone. Every day I see him jumping off the fence from his visit to our neighbor's yard. I'm sure these birds will be glad when their young are grown and they can relax a bit.
It's really hard to tell but this bird looks like a kamikaze pilot. We enlarged it and his sharp beak is going straight for the target~! Ben circled them so they can be seen. He also took these pictures for me. I kept missing the bird~!
This one is kinda blurred; he had already swooped down and was on his way up. I have decided this is the best we can do with the camera we have.
Daniel took this one. You can definitely see the bird here. I am trying to come up with a couple of names for them, but so far all I can think of sound very lame.
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