Friday, May 25, 2007

Nine lives and a black cat

I'm glad we have two cats. They are both males and get along very well. Jupiter took to Arnold from the moment he arrived. They keep each other warm when it's cold. It reminds me of Ecclesiastes 4:9 where it says two are better than one. Okay, maybe I'm taking it totally out of context here, but it does make me think of that verse.

I've heard that cats have nine lives. Arnold has already used several of his. He was hit by a car several years ago. His leg was fractured and he had a cast. In it's entirety it meant that he stayed in the house for several weeks. He LOVED it. He still tries to come inside and is perfectly happy to lay on Hannah's bed and sleep. The picture of him in my magazine basket portrays his life as it would be if he were a house cat. He and Bright, Bethany's golden retriever, get along splendidly.

Back to the nine lives. After the broken leg episode there is the time he disappeared for two weeks. We searched the neighborhood many times, put an ad in the newspaper, checked out several calls we received, and visited the animal shelter quite often. I finally accepted the fact that he probably wasn't coming back. Hannah and I went to Brownsville for a week with Donald (back when he was traveling). One morning Ben called and asked to speak to Hannah. She burst into tears and told me that Arnold was home~! Ben went out to feed Jupiter and there he was. Very dirty and very, very skinny, but it was Arnold nevertheless.

Hannah thinks that Arnold is hers. Don't tell her I consider him mine~! Maybe it's because I have lots of cat stories from when I was young. I always wanted a solid black cat and would have named him Black Magic. My dad would never have let that happen (he did not like black cats), but there's still time. In the meantime I'll just enjoy the two we have.
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