Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Never Say Never

I used to be adamant about no pets in the house. I also said I would NEVER homeschool and other things.
I have learned to never say never.

We bought Bright over four years ago from some of our good friends who raise registered Golden Retrievers. Bethany had always wanted a Golden Retriever. Years ago she bought me a small poster with two baby Golden Retrievers on it. It said, "Lord help us keep our eyes on you wherever we go, whatever we do." I still have it taped to the back of our bedroom door. Good advice by the way.

Rachel had brought over one of the puppies and of course we all fell in love with him. I asked Donald if we could get one from them. They had several left that they hadn't sold. I'm still not quite sure what happened that day or if something unusual was in the air, but he said YES~! Bethany had fallen in love with "Owie" days before. We decided a dog would be the perfect Christmas present for her. I will always remember her face when we presented him to her a few days before Christmas. We were off for Christmas break and couldn't see any point in waiting for Christmas Day.

So we have become a family. Bright stays in the house and adores everyone of us. He protects us from strangers and watches us attentively as we eat. Occasionally it pays off and he gets a bite, especially from me. He takes part in birthday and Christmas celebrations, gingerbread competitions, pumpkin carvings and whatever else we happen to have going on.
The other day I took him with me to McDonald's to pick up lunch for everyone. He proudly sat up in the front seat as we drove through the drive through. The lady at the window commented on how beautiful he is and I proudly agreed. Bethany has told me when she has kids she isn't going to let me keep them because I will spoil them. You betcha~!
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Miss Hannah said...

I love our baby puppy :]

Anonymous said...

love you mom