Monday, May 21, 2007

Thirty-one Years

Today is our anniversary. We made our vows to each other thirty-one years ago. Can it really be that long ago? Much has happened over the years; there has been much happiness, times of sadness, countless victories, and numerous trials. By God's grace we are still together. Many times it would have been easier to just stop trying; but here we are.

Some of our greatest joys have come with having children, also some of our greatest sadness. Sometimes life seems to be one big contradiction, but God is in control. I wish I had trusted Him through the years as much as I do now. Maybe that is why the hard times are necessary. But then again I hope to trust Him more in the future than I do in the present.

So much living has been done with this one man. He told me in our first years of marriage that he was going to keep me until I turned 40 and then trade me in for two 20's. He remembered that conversation when I turned forty, but I told him he couldn't manage me and what would he do with two? Who has been blessed the most? Probably me, but then again..............

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Susan said...

Congratulations, Sarah and Donald!!
I enjoy your writing so much!
The grace of God is shown abundantly in your life.