Friday, May 18, 2007

Two Birds and a Cat

Hannah has two cats that we adopted. Actually they adopted us. Since they both showed up at different times and decided to stay I think that's a fair assessment. They were both kittens when they arrived. The first one is pictured above with Hannah. He has white feet and white from under his mouth all the way down his stomach. He lays on his back quite often to show it off. I'm convinced he's very vain. He always keeps himself in pristine condition.
I suggested the name Socks because it looks like he has white socks on. But Hannah decided on Jupiter. Looking back that is a much better name for him. He actually is an attack cat. If you go out in the garage without feeding him he will often attack the back of your leg as you start inside the house. He has actually attacked some of our kid's friends. He has been kicked across the garage a few times by some not to happy attack-ees, one of them being our sweet daughter, Bethany.
He loves to torment our dog, Bright. He is very brave unless Bright can get to him and then he runs. It's fun to open the gate to let Bright in the backyard and see him chase Jupiter up a tree. Maybe that's my way of getting revenge for the leg attacks.
I think he must be trying to get to the nest of a couple of mockingbirds. They are in attack mode on him. We often hear some serious chirping and scoldings and they will be on the fence or on the basketball goal. They will dive bomb Jupiter and scold him. They have even entered the front of our garage where he was laying. The silly cat just IGNORES them. He REFUSES to even acknowledge their presence let alone their attacks. He will not run. Ben saw one of them try to pick him up like a hawk would pick up its prey. He didn't succeed, but Jupiter still wouldn't react. I think he's just biding his time and will get one of them before long. I hope not, because I'm pretty sure they have a nest in our neighbor's small tree. They are very diligent in protecting their young. I imagine they are two very tired parents by now~!

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