Wednesday, May 9, 2007


Last night I had an opportunity to share about gratefulness. I realized that I really am possessing this character quality to a great degree. From someone who used to be oh so negative and depressed, this is totally awesome~! It's nothing I can take credit for though, because without God's Spirit, Power, and Truth, nothing would have changed.

Like many people, I struggled and still do, with depression. I think in my case stress played a huge part. A lot of things happened in the course of several years and I didn't choose to trust God with my situations. "I" tried of course. Isn't that what a "good Christian" would do? And I fell deeper and deeper into the pit. It affects everyone around you and destroys so much.

God miraculously delivered me from my first horrible bout with depression. It was in the middle of a church service and we had a visiting evangelist who prayed over everyone. It was one of the most incredible religious experiences I have ever had. I actually felt something warm gently land on my head and flow slowly down my head and shoulders. My depression was completely gone ~! Oh, the joy to be free and happy~!

I have had other struggles since, but I believe if you haven't "been there/done that" you can"really understand" what it encompasses. If you know someone who is in the midst of depression, please pray fervently for them and try to be understanding. Whatever you do, please don't judge them. You are not exempt from this possibly happening in your life. And believe me, if you are in the throes of depression, you will want all the compassion you can get.

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